Unless New York Mets' pitching star Tom Seaver has a change of heart before the mid-night trading deadline Wednesday he will be pitching for the Cincinnati Reds this weeK.

United Press International reported that the 32-year-old Seaver already has agreed to a deal that would send him to the Reds. He did that over the weekend after Mets' board chairman M. Donald Grant informed him a trade with the Reds was in the works.

The Mets did not tell Seaver which Cincinnati players were involved. But, Rawley Eastwick, 26-year-old righthanded reliever who was "fireman of the year" last season in the National League, is know to be one fo the players offered.

Eastwick had an 11-5 won-lost record, 26 saves and a 2.08 earned run average last season, helping the Reds win the world championship. This year he's 2.2 with seven saves and a 2.93 ERA. Eastwick has not signed with the Reds this year and has said he would play out his option if his salary demands were not met.

Utility infielder Dougg Flynn also has been talked about and the Mets may also receive one fo the Reds' farmhands, possibly first baseman-out-fielder Drave Revering, now with Indianapolis of the American Association.

It was reported earlier today by UPI that Seaver would be traded to Cincinnati unless the three-time Cy Young award winner stops the trade by agreeing to stay with the Mets at his presents $225,000-a-year salary.

Seaver, who gave up only five hits Sunday and beat Houston 3.1 for his seventh victory in 10 decisions arrived here Sunday night with the Mets who opened a three-game series against the Atlanta Braves tonight.

"There's more in this thing than dollars," he said. "I only know I cannot be happy playing for M. Donald Grant. I can't go into the whole history of this thing, but I can'be happy playing for him."

"I will never sign another contract with the Reds," said Eastwick, who was booed by fans in Cincinnati on Sunday.

Eastwick took out after the fans, saying they "had been duped by (Bob) Howsam an (Dick) Wagner into thinking all is fine."

Eastwick said "the fans don't understand what is going on. I'm being hurt physically and mentally.