Traded or not, George (Doe) Medich may have pitched his last game for the Oakland A's.

The tall righthander, visibly upset over what he considers unfair treatment by Charles O. Finley, said "today the owner must either meet his salary demands or he will walk out on the team.

Medich told manager Bobby Winkles he was leaving the team after Tuesday night's 6-3 victory over the Seattle Mariners here, but later agreed to one more negotiating session with Finley.

"Charlie has 24 hours to trade me or sign me," said the veteran pitcher, who has a 5-2 record. "I'm sorry things have come to this."

Medich, who will begin residency as an orthopedic surgeon in Pittsburgh in October, is upset that Finley has made no serious attempt to negotiate a contract or trade him to a team near his home.

"I just can't keep playing and making the sacrifices I have without some kind of concession from the people who hold the purse strings," he continued. "I told Charlie that when I came here. I don't think he took me seriously at the time and I don't know if he's taking me seriously now.

"I'm going to do exactly what I told him I would. It's time to put up or shut up and I'm ready to put up."

In Chicago, Finley said, "I'm receptive to trade him if someone calls me."

The owner said he was not promising Medich a trade to a team in the East, but would only consider a trade he deemed satisfactory.

Medich came to the A's during spring training from the Pittsburgh Pirates in a nine-player trade.