Only 22 days until the Redskins open camp at Careisle, and it won't be a minute too soon for Washington's nonpareils to re-establish some identity. Football fan John D . Hanlon of Vienna sends along an envelope he addressed, "Redskin Ticket Office, 1835 K St. NW, Wash., D.C." - returned to sender, "Addressee Unknown." Slightly erroneous address, all right, but - !!

Way to go, Post Office, but maybe the Redskins bring it on themselves.

Barney Hayden of Silver Spring phones to relate that his favorite football team - "we've had six season tickets to the Redskins for years and years and years" - lags badly in the NFL public relations league. "There are two really sports-minded boys, 9 and 8, in the family - our future fans - and the kids are pretty disappointed. No. 1 son has written to just about all the pro football teams for souvenirs, and about 15 of the teams have sent nice, team and individual autographed pictures and so on. But the one team we really wanted something from didn't even bother to reply.

"We're up to four letters to the Red-skins already or is it five, and no reply. I call it real poor public relations work on somebody's part. I'm getting up there, as a lot of us old ticket holders are - we who spend $75 a game to take wife, self and boys - and we won't be around forever. They'd better start thinking of cultivating the future fans."

Yes, and even if regular-season games in RFK are sold out ad infinitum, there is the current difficult, reflected in the past couple of years especially, of putting people in the seats for the preseason exhibitions. Is winning everything? . . . Is Hayden's complaint an isolated, unintentional oversight? . . . Anybody for equal time?