Warren Crutchfield, 42, of the Potomac Valley Senior Track Club was named Outstanding Athlete after winning three events at the ninth annual Eastern Regional Masters Outdoor Track and Field Championships yesterday at Wlater Johnson High School.

Crutchfield won the 100-meter and 200-meter races, and the broad jump in the 40-and-over age group.

Crutchfield's times were 11.4 seconds for the 100 meters and 23.4 seconds for the 200 meters. He long jumped 18 feet 11 inches.

Arthur Wright, 75, unattached, was runner-up for the award.Wright won the javelin, shot put, discus and hammer events in hes age group.

Wright threw the 16-pound hammer 16.06 meters, the 16-pound shot put 7.37 meters, the two-kilogram discus 12.21 meters and the 800-gram javelin 52 feet 7 inches.

"I think we may have set records in all four," Wright said. "My son is a track coach at Southern Connecticut, and he says we're pretty close.

"Those old boys throw lighter implements. And that's exactly why I throw the heavier ones - to set world records.

"We'll have to check on those figures, but I think we're awfully close," Wright said.

A check after the meet showed Wright did not set any records.

Many records were set in the meet, Wright did not set any records because it was the first time the regional championship were run in meters set a record because non existed before.

"Those are the AAU rules now," explained Jack McMahon, the meet director. "A few of the events were measured in feet and inches. It's a little unprofessional in that respect, but we simply couldn't afford to buy all the metric tapes."

About 207 contestants competed at the Bethesda high school, including teams from New England, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvia. Women were invited to compete, but only a handful did.

Martha Fairbank, 55, of the North Carolina Track Club, received the Outstanding Woman runner award. She won the 200 meters and the 400 meters in 1:31.5.

The host Potomac Valley Seniors Track Club captured team trophies in the 40-50 and 50-60 age groups.

Competition in the Potomac Valley 1977 Athletics Festival continues today with a 25-kilometer race-walk and a 10-kilometer race-walk for women at 9 a.m. in East Potomac Park.