Rennie Killy and Frank DiBlasi walked off with the top trophies in the seventh annual Vince Lombardi Memorial golf tournament at Indian Spring yesterday. Kelly won the gross with 36-35-71 and DiBlasi won net, 77-20-57.

The tennis portion of the tournament, all doubles matches, was won by John Snow and Jack Neal who defeated Tom Evans and Jack Slote, 9-7. Fred Finn and Hamilton Jordan, assistant to President Carter, were runners-up in their division.

A total of 50 competed in the tennis portion of the tournament, including Red Auerbach, president of the Boston Celtics; Forrest Gregg, coach of the Cleaveland Browns; and Bob Ferry, general manager of the Washington Bullets.

Marie Lombardi, widow of the former coach of the Green Bay Packers and the Redskins, presented the awards at a dinner following the tournamet.

Bob Schmidt, director of the tournament, predicted $50,000 would be raised for the Vincent T. Lombardi Cancer Research Center at Georgetown University Hospital.

Among the celebrities were Sonny Jurgensen, Larry Brown, Jerry Smith, Roy Jefferson, Marv Fleming, Harmon Killebrew, Maurie Udall, Michael DiSalle, Joel Broyhill, Digger Phelps (Notre Dame basketball coach), Don Shula and numerous members of Congress and profesional sports.

DiBlasi was an interesting story. His 77 and net 57 was a particular triumph for him. Last year he suffered a heart attack in the Lombardi tournament and was carried off the course. Hew as hospitalized for two months.