Heavyweight boxer Scott LeDoux of Crosby-Ironton, Minn., who touched off the first of several controversies surrounding the U.S. Boxing Championships, has been suspended for six months by the Maryland State Athletic Commission.

LeDoux knocked down Johnny Boudreau of Houston in a bout at the Naval Academy Feb. 13 but Boudreau was awarded a decision. After the bout, LeDoux and his manager, Joe Daskiewicz, publicly contended the ring officials were biased in favor of boxers in the tournament, who, they insisted, were controlled by associates of promoter Don King.

LeDoux went across the ring to the American Broadcasting Co. microphone, where Boudreau was being interviewed by Howard Cosell, and kicked and swung at Boudreau and Cosell. LeDoux apologized over the air minutes later, but still cast aspersions on the tournament.

The Naval Academy, the ABC switchboard and newspapers around the country received a flood of telephone calls complaining about the decision.

LeDoux later testified before a federal grand jury in Baltimore investigating the tournament.

The Maryland Boxing Commission ordered LeDoux to appear for a hearing of charges of "ungentlemanly conduct."

After several postponements, LeDoux's attorney, Steve Grossman of Minneapolis, worte a letter to the commission in which he said LeDoux admitted that he was guilty of ungentlemanly conduct, offered an apology, and suggested he be fined $100.

It was pointed out that LeDoux did not want to testify about remarks he made because he had promised the U.S. Attorney's Office in Baltimore that he would not discuss them outside the grand jury room.

The Maryland commission refused LeDoux's proposal and suspended him for six months and his manager for three.

Barney Shankman of Washington, international counsel for the World Boxing Association, said that organization and others, such as the World Boxing Council usually honor such a suspension.