Elton John is one of the owners of the team and often shows up at home games. The coach is the youngest professional coach in North America. The stars are an Irishman who has been continually suspended and disciplined and a man given up on by the entire North American Soccer League four months ago.

But the Los Angeles Aztecs, who will be at RFK Stadium tonight at 8 p.m. to face the Washington Diplomats, don't seem to notice they are unusual. They just go out and win soccer matches.

The Aztecs have a 12-6 mark, good for 112 points and first place in the NASL's Southern Division. And in Steve David - the man given up on - they have the NASL's leading scorer.

David, who recently set a league record by scoring goals in 10 consecutive games has combined with George Best, the flamboyant Irishman who has retired and unretired twice while showing a penchant throughout his brilliant career in the English Soccer League for not showing up for buses, practices and airplanes, to make the Aztecs the No. 2 scoring team in the NAS

Los Angeles has scored 45 goals in 18 games (one less than the Conmos, who have played two more games) and David has scored 20 of them. As a team, the Dips have scored 19 goals for the season.

David and Best, who is the league's No. 5 scorer despite playing in only 12 games, give much of the credit for their success to Terry Fisher, who at 27 is the No. 3 NASL coach in terms of seniority, having been with the Aztecs for three years.

"I guess I do things bases on instinct," team general manager John Chaffetz, the man who brought David. Best and Fisher together, said, "When I was looking for a coach in 1974 Terry Fisher had the best credentials, so I took a chance and hired him.

"When we were thinking about signing George Best, I sat down with him and told him I didn't care where he drank, where he slept or who he slept with. But I expected 105 per cent on the field from him. His mouth dropped open. He said no one had ever talked to him that way before.

"As for Steve David, we didn't have as many negative feelings about him as some others did because we didn't see him play in '76.

"When I made the deal for him with the Ford Lauderdale Strikers, formerly Miami Toros). I made it on the condition I could sign him to my terms.

"I flew down to Trinidad and talked to Steve. I wanted to find out if he still believe in himself. I got the feeling he did. All he wanted was a chance to play somewhere other than in Florida."

David, who was the league's leading scorer in 1975, said a change of scenery was all he needed after a disastrous 1976 season.

"I knew I had the ability to still play well, but I had to prove myself all over again," David said. "I just wasn't happy in Miami. I didn't get along with the front office. I wanted to be traded but they wouldn't trade me. I just didn't want to play."

When Best joined the Aztecs, David was afraid he would fill a secondary role. He told Fisher following Best's first workout, "you don't need me anymore.

"But he told me I would score more, not less, because George would get me the ball no matter where I was," David remembered. "I think this year I've proved I'm one of the best goal scorers in the business. I want to score 30 goals or more for the season."

Some soccer people were surprised that Best was content to set up David from his midfield position rather than score himself. "I'm going for 200 assists and Steve's going for 100 goals," said Best.

Add to this duo two American goalies. One BIll Mishalow (brother of Dips' Gene), was near the top of the goals against average before being benched. The other, Bob Rigby, starred in Philadelphia and New York before coming to Los Angeles.

Mishalow has the better statistics and thinks he should be playing. Rigby cost the team a lot of money. He is playing.

Against all this, the DIps will bring a modest two-game winning streak and an 3-10 mark for 67 points. Alan Green, whose two goals in 1:06 beat Tampa Bay Wednesday night, has taken over as Washington's leading scorer with six goals.

After tonight, the Diplomats, who have played seven games in 17 days and a lost a coach in the process, will have a week off before facing San Jose at home Saturday, July 16.