Every NFL team must cut down to 60 players by Aug. 9, to 52 by Aug. 30, to 48 by Sept. 6 and to 43 by Sept. 12, They can add a two-man taxi squad on Sept. 15.

A player placed on injured reserve this year will be out the entire regular season and will not be eligible for the playoffs. There is no limit on the number of injured reserves a team can carry.


Rookies are paid $200 a week during the preseason. Veterans earn $250 a week until the first preseason game. They earn 10 per cent of their salaries at that point, the remaining 90 per cent paid out during the regular season.

When teams are on the road, players are given $26 a day meal money. In training camp, the Redskins spend $17 per day per player for food and $24 per week for lodging in the Dickinson COLlege dormitories.

The club spends approximately $15,000 for training camp, including a $25,000 rental fee to Dickinson. The Redskins are obligated to return to Dickinson in 1978, final year of a five year contract. Age

Billy Kilmer, Ron McDole and 'at-Fischer.all 37, are the oldest Redskins. Chris Hamburger is 35. Iea Hauss, Charley Taylor and Brig (wens are 34; Jerry Smith 33, Diron lablert and Ken Houston 32, Jake Sott and Terry Hermeling 31, Harold AcLinton 30, and Larry Brown will join the Over The Hill Gang at 30 on Sept. 19.

Twenty-one players on the Redskins' veteran roster are 27 or younger. Dan Nugent is the youngest veteran at 23, followed by Mike Thomas, Danny Buggs and Brian Fryer, also 23.

Fischer and McDole have played the most NFL games, both 210, but Hauss has played the most games as a Redskin - 182. TRADES

Since coming to the Redskins in 1971. George Allen has made 82 trades. He has dealt off 41 players and 85 draft picks and acquired 67 players and 41 picks.