Eddie LeBaron, the former Redskin quarterback who is the new general manager of the Atlanta Falcons, reports that the, "People problems are a little traumatic but the job is interesting."

He confirmed that defensive end Claude Humphrey has asked to be traded and that the Falcons are trying to accommodate him.

Defensive tackle Mike Tileman wants to retire if he cannot finish his career nearer to his business in Montana. He has been given permission to try to arrange a deal with another club.

Falcon negotiations had broke off with No. 1 draft choice Warren Bryant, an offensive tackle from Kentucky, but are on track again.

Asked about the Redskins, LeBaron said, "I've talked to George Allen several times.I've sure he would be interested in Humphrey, but we have not talked about Bryant."

Bryant's agent, Mike Trope of Los Angeles, reportedly had demanded that the Falcons trade the rights to sign the offensive tackle after negotiations stalled. "Obviously," said LeBaron, there was interest expressed in Acquiring him by other teams. New Orleans was one.

"Hank Stram called and said newspapers started the notion that he was interested in Bryant, not Stram, but Hank said he would be interested if Bryant were available.

"We're not unique in not having Bryant signed yet. Only eight or nine No. 1 draft picks have been signed so far."

LeBaron said he did have some encouraging news: "Quarterback Steve Bartkowski is in good shape, looks good and has a good attitude."