An inmate at the Dallas Cowboys concentration camp in Thousand Oaks. Calif., swears there is no sign there reading. "Beat The Redskins."

But he did raise the prospect that the Redskins might have someone else besides Tony Dorseit to worry about. A running back signed as a free agent outshone Dorsett in the rookies' first scrimmage on Thursday.

His name has punning possibilities. It is Abel Joe. He played at Cheyney State, where his brother, Billy Joe, is the coach and once was drafted by the Redskins before playing for Denver and Miami.

Fullback Joe is 6-foot-2 and 226 pounds. He broke off several long gains in the same backfield with Dorsett and "ran over some folks," as the spokesman put it, at other times.

Joe and Dorsett once comprised the backfield in high school for Pennsylvania's "Big 33" squad against the AN all-star team from Texas.

Joe ran 40 yards in 47 seconds in a clocking by the Cowboys in Dallas and 4.8 on Monday in camp. Dorsett, 188 pounds, turned in the best time in camp -- 4.45.

The Dallas rookies had only one day without pads. Monday, and have been going two-a-day since.

Anson Mount in Playboymagazine predicts the Redskins with the St. Louis Cardinals for second place in the NFC East, at 9.5, with the Cowboys winning on a 10-4 record. The Pittsburgh Steelers are picked to defeat the Cowboys in the Super Bowl.

The Joe Namath media blitz continues space in Los Angeles. Owner Carroll Rosenbloom is quoted as saying of his new quarterback. "He owes me one Super Bowl (for leading the New York Jets to an upset victory over Rosenbloom's Colts. 16-7. on Jan. 12. 1969).

Others may be harboring a motion that Pat Haden will keep his starting job, but the Los Angeles Times is promoting its charity exhibition at me between the Rams and Minnesota with a picture of Namath captioned"New Kid On The Block."

Namath is reporting to the Rams with a torn muscle below the ribs that prevented him from throwing at the end of a football camp in upstate New York, but Dick Schaap indicates in a magazine interview with Namath that White Shoes Willie's new attitude is more important.

Namath is quoted as saying in a tongue-in-cheek manner in Rupert Murdoch's New West magazine. "Have I talked to Pat Haden yet? No, and I'm not going to. I'm not going to talk to him all year.You can't say that I said that, and if you do, I'll deny it.

"You know what you can print? Something about some of the writers in Los Angeles. There's a few sick ones. I'll tell you. One of them wrote that I'm a bad human being that I'm not a good person. How the hell can he write something like that?"

"Well, it's true, isn't it?" Shaap asked, ribbing Namath.

"Yeah, sure," Namath said. "But how does he know. He hasn't even met me."

Football player who havesquad [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] were doubly distressed when Wednesday night's blackout hit the New York Giants' training camp, in Pleasantville, in Westchester County It cut off the air-conditioning when they were ready for rest from the day's ardors.

The Giants had their first fisticuffs on Friday when defensive tackle Gary Jeten No. 1 draft choice from Southern California, squared off with second-year offensive lineman Bill Ellenbogen from Virginia Tech. The coaches took the view that Ellenbogen was getting himself ready for a scrimmage with the Jets, against whom he got in three lights last year in a scrimmage.