Mark Fidrych's luck has not been good, so goodbye "good-luck" catcher Bruce Kimm. Does the Detroit Tiger front office know something the doctors aren't telling Fidrych about his aching right shoulder?

The Bird remembers that the medics in Florida told him when he hurt is knee in spring training it wasn't anythig to worry about. A few weeks later it was being operated on. Now the doctors tell him he has "only" tendinitis in his pitching shoulder, probably not too serious. Fidrychis worrying.

If he hadn't been feery after yesterday's examination at Henry Ford Hospital by team physician Clarence Livingood and orthopedic surgeon David Mitchell - who did the knee repair - the Tigers must have put a shadow of a doubt in his mind with their announcement on Kimm: The Bird's designated catcher is being optioned to the minors.

Kimm scarcely plays except when Fidrych, who insists the special receiver contributes to his effectiveness, is pitching.He takes a .080 average in 14 games to Rochester (yes, the Orioles' affiliate worked a deal to alleviate the shortage of catching brought on by the injury to Baltimore first-stringer Rick Dempsey).

"There is no evidence of bone or joint damage" in Fidrych's shoulder, said Dr.Mitchell. "His return to baseball will depend on how well he responds to treatment," said Dr.Livingood. "It hurts like a toothache," said Firdych after taking a few practice throws on the sidelines at Toronto Sunday. I can throw with a pain. . . But this ain't the same. I can't even throw."

The injury was initially diagnosed as a slight muscle pull a week ago.

Due at Carlisle today: Tommy McVie, the Capitals coach. The NHL taskmaster said he wanted to observe George Allen's handling of the Redskins - that while he'd never met the man, anyone that organized has to be worth watching." McVie said, depending on just how worthwhile the watching is, he would stay anywhere from two days to the rest of July . . . The Dallas Cowboys have tossed Allen and confreres one more worry - in a scrimmage Saturday. Tony Dorsett faked an end run and launched a long pass, on the money, for 63 yards .