The Washington Capitals will hold their second annual street-hockey clinic at 10 a.m. today at Capital Centre.

The clinic drew more than 2,000 youngsters last year. As a result, the Caps are bringing in official counters this year in an effort to gain recognition from the Guiness Book of World Records as the largest-ever street hockey clinic.

Following the clinic, which is expected to run about two hours, five of the Capitals will take on several area radio and TV personalities in a street-hockey game. The contest will be played for the benefit of muscular dystrophy and will be cosponsored by radio station WASH.

Participating in the clinic and the game will be last season's leading scorer for the Caps, Guy Charron: goalie Bernie Wolfe; Monahan, and Blair Stewart and Craig Patrick.

Playing for the media team will be Glenn Brenner of WTOP, Nick Charles of WRC, Dan Lovett of WJLA and Jim Karvellas of WTTG. They will be coached by the Walt Starling of WASH. The captain of the losing team will be dunked in a tub of water immediately after the contest.

Before sending the youngsters out onto the roughly 100 street-hockey courts that will be marked off in Capital Centre parking lots, they will watch a demonstration of the game inside the building. The game is similar to ice hockey but is played with a ball instead of a puck.

"We've gone out to several playgrounds both last summer and this summer to give the kids an idea of what street hockey is like," said Monahan who, along with Wolfe, took part in last year's clinic. "Once they get to know the game, they seem to really like it.

"The best part of the whole thing is walking around and watching all the games. They play with some of their own rules but its' still street hockey. I think it's nice to give younger kids an introduction to hockey."

If it rains, the clinic will be held Wednesdaymorning.