Alan Green, the Washington Diplomats leading scorer, may not return to the team next year as a result of the club's decision to stop using players on loan from the English Soccer League.

Green, who has scored eight goals in 10 games as a Diplomat, twice the total of anyone else on the term, said yesterday from Hawaii (the Dips are preparing to meet Team Hawaii tonight) that he did not want to play in Washington except as a loan player.

"Right now I don't want to have my contract purchased," Green said. "If I were to come back to Washington next year I would want to do it on loan. I still want to play in England."

The question of Green's status and that of Don McAllister, the club's other loan player, arose because midfielders Tony Macken and Johnny Kerr were dropped by the Dips Saturday night.

Steve Danzansky, team president, and John Carbray, general manager, said Sunday that Macken was dropped after attempts to purchase his contract from Derby County in England failed.

Carbray said yesterday the same thing could happen with Green. "If we can't have a situation where we can have Green here for the start of the season instead of five or six weeks late, we would invest out money in purchasing another player," Carbray said. "There's a definite possibility that we will lose him."

Danzansky said Sunday he felt the loan program had "wreaked havoc." on the Dips this season because of the uncertainty of player arrivals and that players stepping off a plane and onto the soccer field could not be expected to play with the same enthusiasm as one who lived in the community.

Both Macken and Green missed several games at the start of the season as a result of commitments to their teams in England. Danzansky said Sunday that the Dips were negotiating to purchase the contracts of Green and McAllister.

McAllister said yesterday that he was aware of the negotiations. Green said, "That's the very first I've heard of it."

"We have approached Coventry to try and find out if they're interested in selling Alan's contract and if so how much it will cost," Carbray said. "We've really only taken the first steps. They didn't seem to excited about it and I guess he isn't either. We haven't told him because it hasn't gotten that far."

Dips coach Alan Spavi said he would hate lose Green and was disturbed by the sudden loss of Macken. "I can understand management's situation," he said. "You're in a situation where you want all your players here at the start of the season.

"But you also have to try and get the best players. Greenie's a young lad and right now soccer over here is just four months. You can't expect players of his caliber to be willing to play just four months.

"This isn't the best of situatuons right now," Spavin added. "We've trying to get together and we're starting to play well and now we've lost Tony Macken, who is a very good player.

"Tony may have had some problems this season but I know he's never given less than 100 per cent on the field. All the lads know that and they're upset for him."

Carbray said Spavin's reaction to the loss of Macken was to be expected. "A coach always wants his best 11 players on the field, and I don't think there's any question Macken was one of ours," he said. "I think objectively Alan agrees with the move but emotionally he doesn't.

"We discussed this earlier in the week. All I can say about the situation is that I think if a coach and a general manager don't have some big arguments at times then neither one is a very strong persons."

Spavin also said he thought the club's timingof the move to drop Macken and Kerr was poor. Carbray said he agreed in part. "In that it was right after a win and they were feeling very high, we were wrong," he said. "But as far as the time of the season is concerned we weren't."

Carbaray also said that Spavin had signed a one-year contract with the Dips to remain with the club in some status and had "an excellent chance" or remaining as coach next season.

Spavin 3-2 since taking command of the team and will take an overall 9-11 record and 78 points into tonight's contest. Team Hawaii is 9-13 having lost three straight games. Game time is 12:30 a.m. The game will not be broadcast in Washington.