Running back Mike Thomas and wide receiver Frank Grant cruised into town late this afternoon and, for now, ended their two-day contract holdouts.

The pair, who will be fined $1,000 each for missing practices Monday and today, unloaded their baggage shortly after 4 p.m., then showed up for dinner and a team meeting this evening.

They came into camp only after they had been informed by their agent, Guy Draper, that he had met with team president Edward Bennett Williams earlier in the day, and that progress had been made on their stalled contract talks.

"Mr. Williams has promised us he's handle it and it should be resolved before the end of this week and certainly no later then before the first preseason game," said Thomas.

"I'm just happy to be in camp and I'm tired of all this other bull. I feel real good. We've been working out on our own, and we're ready to play."

What would happen, he was asked, if they have not signed a new contract before the first game? "I don't even want to get into that." Thomas said, "I don't want to think about it. I think they made good progress today. That's all we want - meaningful negotiations."

Draper said tonight he had met with Williams for two hours earlier in the day and that, "We made good progress and I am encouraged. His input has been invaluable and the talks were very, very constructive. The climate is positive and I don't anticipate any more problems."

Redskin coach George Allen said he was delighted both men were in camp and, of course, said he was disappointed they were not able to practice today.

Allen said he also had spoken with Howard Slusher, the Los Angeles attorney representing missing tackle Tim Stokes and rookie tight end Reggie Haynes, a seventh-round draft choice. Allen said he spoke with Slusher mostly about Haynes, and said he hoped to speak with him again later tonight.

'I just told him that unless Reggie gets in here, there's no sense having him report because he won't have a career," Allen said.

"He was a longshot to begin with. I would think if he missed two full weeks of two-a-days, that would be too much."

Dick Myers, Allen's administrative assistant, spoke with Stokes today, but reported no progress.