Scott LeDoux, the heavyweight boxer from Grosby-Ironton, Minn., filed an appeal yesterday with the Maryland State Athletic Commission, contending it had no authority to suspend him June 30 for "ungentlemanly conduct."

Because his bout against Johnny Boudreaux in the U.S. Boxing Championships was fought on federal property, the U.S. Naval Academy.

LeDoux will fight Duane Bobick of Bowlus, Minn., tonight at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, Minn. If LeDoux wins, says his manager, Joe Daskiewicz, he is going to find out why LeDoux cannot get bouts elsewhere.

Daskiewicz claims the tournament had its own commission: that Maryland's panel was "only in a clerical position."

Daskiewicz says that if LeDoux's appeal of a six-month suspension by Maryland is denied and if the other World Boxing Association members go along with it and ban LeDoux, he will sue the Maryland commission; the American Broadcasting Co., which funded the tournament, and Don King, promoter of the tournament that has been suspended by ABC pending an in-house investigation.

"It would be jeopardizing our livelihood," Daskiewicz said.

LeDoux touched off that investigation and another by a federal grand jury in Baltimore after he knocked down Boudreaux in their Feb. 13 bout in Annapolis but lost the bout. LeDoux charged that the decision was stolen from him.

Thousands of television watchers telephoned the Academy, the ABC network in New York City and newspapers around the country to protest the decision.

LeDoux charged after Boudreaux at the ABC ringside microphone when he became irritated by a Boudreaux remark following the decision, and punched and kicked at him.

On a tape of postfight remarks by Howard Cosell, the sportscaster says, "I, myself, had thought LeDoux had won. Over came LeDoux as I was about to interview Boudreaux, who had sprained an ankle, and Scott's man (manager Daskiewicz) went after Boudreaux, as you can see there [in a replay on the television screen] and just an unbelievable scene - a bad brawl.

"Now standing here with me is Scott LeDoux, who has just witnessed what happened on the monitor . . . the unfortunate loser of that decision. You wanted to say something?"

LeDoux: "I first want to apologize for the going after Johnny Boudreaux. But I felt I won the fight . . . I thought that was clear. When I was up in Montreal a month ago working out for his fight, they [unidentifed persons] told me not to take it [the bout]. They said that the odds were against you; that's a Braverman fighter [Al Braverman, a consultant to promoter King, actually received a booking fee for LeDoux for the bout] . . . King's people - they own Boudreaux, they're not going to give you the decision.

[Paddy Flood, another consultant to King, received an adviser's fee for working in Boudreaux's corner.]

"I said, 'If I beat the guy [Boudreaux] bad on national television, they can't steal it from me.' They did it. They stole it from me as far as I'm concerned. It's what's hurt boxing for the last 10 years - like this - and there's nothing you can do about it.