Offensive tackle Tim Stokes agreed to terms on a new contract with the Redskins today and will report to training camp late Tuesday night.

"I'm overjoyed and I'm relieved." Stokes said from his home in Eugene. Ore. "We didn't get everything we wanted. but I think it's fair deal for both sides and I'm happy with it. All I have to do now is perform well."

Stokes is believed to have signed a three-year contract with a $50,000 salary base in 1977, $60,000 in 1978 and $70,000 in 1979. The club also added incentive clauses that could pay Stokes an estimated $10,000 more per year.

The deal was consummated early this afternoon, although the club did not formally announce one of the most important signings of this training camp until later in the evening.

Stokes attorney, Howard Slusher of Los Angeles, told The Washington Post that "both sides compromised" in what he described as "one of the most difficult negotiations I've ever had."

Tempers, in fact, were flaring on both sides after Slusher awoke Tim Temerario, Allen's chief negotiator, at 1:45 a.m. with a telephone call from the West Coast. And Temerario returned the favor, calling Slusher at 5 a.m. in Phoenix.

"I spoke to George Allen Sunday and we got very close," Slusher said, "and the rest of it was finished up this afternoon. I'm just glad Tim Stokes can go back to playing football."

Stokes is scheduled to begin practing Wednesday, and Allen probably will shift Terry Hermeling back from left tackle to his regular right-guard spot.

Allen said Stokes' availability for Monday night's preseason opener against the Browns in Cleveland would depend on his physical condition. "We'll have him do that 12-minute run." Allen said. "I hope he's in shape."

Stokes said he was "I've been working out every day on my own. It's not two-a-days, but I'm ready to start playing football again."

There was other good news today in the Redskin camp.

Quarterback Billy Kilmer, who has been resting a sore arm since last Thursday, threw a football today for the first time in four days. He threw a total of about a dozen passes in the two practice sessions, only a couple very hard. but he said he was satisfied with how the arm felt.

"He's coming alone well," Allen said. "We'll still work him in there gradually. I never push an injured man, but he felt like he could throw."

Allen also was delighted to finally see rookie tight end Reggie Haynes in a practice uniform. Haynes, also represented by Slusher, signed a contract late Sunday night after a two-week holdout.

Haynes is one of those rare physical specimens coaches have dreams about - 6-foot-2, 225 pounds with good hand and outstanding speed. He made some fine catches, and more than a few mistakes, his first day.

In one drill, he jumped offsides and was immediately smacked hard to the ground by linebacker Joe Harris. Haynes did a back somersault as his new teammates hooted and hoilered.

"But the guys have been really nice to me," Haynes said today. "They call me "new legs" because I'm still fresh, but after these practices. I don't know how long that will last. The guys at my position are helping me, and my coach (Pete McCulley) said he'd work extra with me."

"They've told me I've got a shot at making the team, and this is a dream come true. It was tough staying out. I was very nervous. But they made me a good offer, and I'm happey it's over and happy to be here. I've just got to go to work now and make it."

Safety Scott Hill, a free agent form Oklahoma, left camp after telling Allen he had an opportunity to become a coach . . . Tackle George Starke joined the nagging injurylist with a slight leg strain, although he participated in most drills . . . His roommate, Jean Fugett, found a chiropractor to fix his back, but came up with a slight strain in his upper thigh. He too, was able to run patterns and made several spectacular catches . . . Diron Talbert taped up a gag list of all the Redskin injuries - he listed 19 names - under the heading of "severe Pull Chart." "The above players will warm up on their own," the chart said. "Do not, I repeat, do not warm up with Jim Curzo." . . . Curzi is the team's stretching and conditioning coach who has been taking a lot of ribbing lately for all the minor aches and pains Club officials were not amused by Talbert's chart, however,and removed from the locker-room door.