A rift between New York Yankee catcher Thurman Munson and team owner George Steinbrenner may be brewing. Although Steinbrenner established a dress and grooming code last spring. Munson is sporting a seven-day growth on his chin and cheeks.

"I like beards," said the All-Star catcher who has had his problems with the controversial owner. "I'm not asking for anything. Isn't that (the code) against the Constitution? Isn't that against the employment act or something?

"I'll blame it on the writers: Writers have beards," said Munson.

The catcher clashed with Steinbrenner over salary last winter and was known to be troubled by the "relationship" between manager Billy Martin and Steinbrenner.

"I had a beard the year I hit 318," said Munson. "But if Billy doesn't mind, it'll probably mean George might."

Motorcycle races at Dorsey, Md., speedway tonight open the weekend's motor racing program. The stock cars and figure eight machines have their regular 10-race show over the quarter-mile dirt oval Saturday night at 7:45 p.m.

Late model and limited sportsman class sedans and street stock cars race at the paved Old Dominion Speedway, Manassas, Va., Saturday at 8. Stock cars race at Potomac Speedway, Budds Creed, Md., and Winchester, Va., speedway.

Benny Parsons, in a Chevrolet, raced around the Alabama International Motor Speedway at 192.684 miles per hour, earning the pole for Sunday's $205,000 Talladega 500.

The University of Minnesota men's athletic program will have to serve an indefinite probation because of alleged rules violations. The NCAA put the Gophers on probation last year because the school refused to declare basketball players Michael Thompson, Dave Winey and Phil Saunders ineligible for breaking NCAA rules.

In December, a U.S. District judge issued an injunction that stayed the penalty. But an appeals court in St. Louis has dissolved the injunction and reaffirmed the probation.

The Gophers will not be allowed to participate either individually or as a team in any post season competition or appear on televised events sanctioned by the NCAA.

Dr. Charles Davis, who retired from the University of Maryland last year after working in the Veterinary Science Department since 1930, has seen every home Terrapin football game in the last 47 years. Football coach Jerry Claiborne greeted Davis yesterday and presented Maryland's most loyal fan a plague for "appreciation and support."

Dr. Davis singled out the Maryland 7-0 victory over UCLA in 1955 as the "Best Win" and a 21- victory over Jim Tatum's North Carolina team in 1957 as the "most thrilling victory."

The Jelleff summer basketball jeague, off-season training ground for the future high school greats, announced its All-Star team. The 15 player team included Eric Smith (Potomac All-Stars), Ed Swails (McKinley), Mike Mulquin (Georgetown Prep), Mark Carr (Huskies), Tony Hawkins (Eastern), Joe Holston (Dunbar), Kenny Henderson (Chamberlain), Butch Hill (St. Albans), Diego McCoy (Springarn), Phil Ward (Coolidge), Clinton Price and Zach Jones (T. Roosevelt), Kevin Darmody (Knights), Doug Newburg (Va. All-Stars) and Ken Newman (Va. Indians).