BUNNY HOP - Skateboarder places his hands at front and back of the board and heaves himself and board off the ground.

CHATTER - Noise caused generally from new wheels with sharp outer edges. This wheel grips the ground on curves and can cause board to skip slightly.

COPING - Advanced stunt in which skateboarder rides along upper rim of empty curved-wall swimming pool.

END OVER - Skateboarder places feet at opposite ends of board and, using front foot as pivot, swings rear of board to the front. May be repeated for double or triple.

GORILLA GRIPS - Hooking toes under board and leaping high in the air. Very difficult.

GET RADICAL - To skateboard in a daredevil manner.

GET VERTICAL - Riding along the side or near the top of an embankment.

GO FOR IT - Premier attitude in surfing, hang gliding and skateboarding; pushing to the limit, the ultimate risk.

KICK FLIP - Advanced stunt: placing one foot underneath the board, jumping into the air, flipping the board so it makes a complete rotation and landing with both feet on it. Pros can do a triple kick flip.

POP OUT - What the skateboarder does when he purposely or accidentally rides his skateboard over the top of an embankment into the wild blue yonder.

PRO RAD - Pro wildman.

PUNCH - Putting body english into a ride. Best accomplished on fiber-glass board where skater can bounce very lightly to accelerate.

360 - One foot is used as a pivot while the other swings end of board around in continuous circles.

STOKED - High on skateboarding.