League box-office champions in 1976 and the Detroit Lions were second, give yourself a two-minute sports quiz as to which club leads the league in season ticket sales this year.

It is the Denver Broncos with 73,089 sold to 72,000 for the Giants. That has to be the best public relations/selling job of all time, because the Broncos are coming off a season in which there was a player revolt and coach John Ralston was fired, despite a 9-5 record.

Denver did not have its first winning season until 1973 and had another loser as recently as 1975. Yet, a two-stage stadium enlargement from 52,000 capacity to 63,500 to 75,001 this year.

There now is a waiting list of 5,000 for tickets. Almost as remarkable is the Broncos' claim that they have the third highest payroll in the league, behind Miami and Washington.

If linebacker Godwin Turk of the Broncos appears to terrorize opponents this season it may be because they have learned that he recently graduated from embalming school and has bought and has purchased a mortuary in Houston. The Turks get you coming and going now. Godwin married Charaleta Guillory, a physician.

New Denver coach Red Miller's goal of rushing for a 4.5 yard average may be realized. Behind halfback Otis Armstrong and fullback Jon Key-worth, second-year fullback Lonnie Perrin of Washington, D.C., and Rob Lytle, No. 2 draft choice from Michigan, are coming on strong. In fact, Perrin may replace Keyworth, No. 6 draft choice by theRedskins in 1974, as the starter.