The saga continues over who will and who won't be playing for the Washington Diplomats next season. Seven Dips have gone back to England - four probably will not be back, one is iffy and two probably will return.

The best of the seven, leading scorer Alan Green, falls into the iffy category. Green is a loan player still under contract to Conventry. The Dips want to purchase his contract. Neither Coventry nor Green is excited by the idea.

Team president Steve Danzansky and general manager John Carbray said in July they didn't want loan players on the team next year. Now they say that if they can get Green to return in time to start the season they'll take him, loan player or not.

In the meantime, they plan to go to England, in October or November to try to talk Coventry and Green into letting them purchase Green's contract for upwards of $200,000.

The team's other loan player, Don Allister, probably will return next season. His contract apparently is available and he is eager to continue playing in Washington.

Of the five players under contract to the Dips who went home, only Bobby Stokes seems sure of employment in Washington next summre. Pete Slyvester will not be asked back and Jimmy Redfern and Mike Lester also are unlikely to be in Dip uniforms in 1978.

Kenny Hill, the last player on the list, was offered a 12-month contract by the club but turned it down. Carbray has told Hill he will seek a 12-month player to replace him. There also were differences over money, and Hill probably will not be back.