Dr. Renee Richards, 42-year-old transsexual tennis player seeking to compete in the U.S. Open tennis championships for more than a year, was given gruding approval yesterday by the tournament's ruling body to compete for the women's title.

A statement from the U.S. Tennis Association, supervisor of the U.S. Open read: "For the past year, the USTA has been confronted with the difficult ptoblem of balancing consideration for an individual transexual with considerations of fairness for women tennis players in general, especially the lower-ranked players. On the basis of medical authority, the USTA has had reason to believe that a postoperative transsexual may retain some physical and competitive advantages.

"It appeared to the USTA that a generally accurate, easily administered and objective test, such as the Olympic type chromosome test, was a desirable screening process in determining sex for the purpose of athletics.

"The New York State Court ruled in favor of an individual transsexual and places restrictions on the use of the chromosome test.

As a result of this proceeding, the USTA will accept Dr. Richards as an entrant into the U.S. Open tennis championships."

Smokin' Joe Frazier is thinking of curtailing his "boogie act a bit" to get back in the ring. The former world heavyweight boxing champion is anxious to end his one-year retirement and take on his favourite opponent, Muhammad Ali.

"I understand he (Ali) said in Europe he would give me one more shot." said Frazier, now 33 and about 228 pounds. "I'll go back at it again and I'll get out of it with my head on my shoulders again."

Frazier went into retirement after almost having both his head and shoulders removed from his body by George Foreman at the Nassau Colesium in June, 1976. In three momorable fights with Ali, Frazier came out on top only once.

"Joe can't sit still," said F.X. Condon, head of publicity for Madison Square Garden." Joe called me about the possibility of a fourth fight. It would depend on the outcome of Ali's fight with Earnie Shavers (Sept. 29 at the Garden), and Ali's willingness to fight Frazier. Joe's ready to go."