Owner Carroll Rosenbloom may not enjoy an item in the book, "Pat Haden . . . My Rookie Season With the Los Angeles Rams," but George Allen probably will buy a copy for future use.

Haden writes, "C.R. had just seen . . . an article (in 1976) openly advocating Joe Namath's move to L.A. and C.R. told coach Chuck Knox to tell me the Rams weren't buying any of it, "Tell Pat not to worry about Namath,' C.R. said.

"I was pleased that C.R. would take the trouble to call. He is concerned about my feelings. This bodes well for next year (1977) when we will need at least one more quarterback. It seems to me that the Rams can: 1) get a journeyman quarterback like John Hadl or Craig Morton or Billy Kilmer to back me up, or 2) go after a bluechip quarterback like Dan Pastorini - in which case we will have a brand new quarterback controversy next fail. Naturally, I hope the Rams decide on alternative number one."

Haden dismissed all the reasons advanced for Namath joining the Rams be saying. "This for a guy who was the 14th-rated passer this year in the AFC."

Predictably, coach Allen will save the impiled put-down of Kilmer until along about the final game of the season when the Rams play the Redskins at RFK.