Larry Wright bombed in 32 points, David Reavis hit every shot in the book and some that aren't and scored 30 points, and the Bullets destroyed the Maryland Rockets, 173-152.

But the man that provided the most excitement during yesterday's Urban Coalition League finals was Jeff King. He scored four points.

Jeff who? Jeff King, a rising sophomore at McKinley Tech. It was King who dashed the length of the court in the final five seconds of the high school final against Eastern and threw up a desperation 25-foot jump shot.

Antonio Riley was all over King when he fired. But the ball went in and McKinley Tech, which looked like a one-point loser to Eastern, suddenly found itself a 78-77 winner.

The pro final was little more than 57 minutes (Spingarn's clock was malfunctioning) of the Bullets going through the motions, turning on when they had to, but seemingly coasting most of the way.

The only excitement came in the fourth quarter. The Bullets had blown open a relatively tight game, turning a 127-117 lead into a 149-128 lead with eight minutes left.

At that point Reavis, a fourth round Bullet draftee, went into his act. He twisted and glided and hit four consecutive circus shots to send the crowd into hysterics.

"I knew the crowd was mad at me because I haven't been shooting much the last couple weeks," Reavis said afterwards. "I've been trying to pass and play team ball because I know that's what I'm going to have to do in camp.

"Today when we got ahead I just started taking my shots when I got the chance. It was coming naturally. The crowd is nice but my first concern is Bullet coach Dick Motta and (general manager Bob) Ferry. They're the ones paying me, not the crowd."

The crowd was small compared with Saturday's jam-packed throng. Apparently the mismatch created by the Rockets' upset of Adrian Dantley and Pappy Parker, plus the $3 price tag put on the game - the regular season price is $1 - kept a lot of people home.

The Bullets, who won their fourth straight title, were in control from the beginning. They trailed just once in the first quarter and with Wright doing most of the damage, led by as many as 24 in the second.

"I like to really turn it on early in a game like this because that's the only time there's any kind of NBA type pressure," Wright said after accepting his MVP trophy.

Ollie Johnson, who scored 27 points, Earl Hawkins, who had 25 and John Bowie, 23, managed to keep the Rockets within range for three quarters before Wright and Reavis slammed the door.

Earlier, Woodson defeated Shaw, 41-22, in the junior high school final and St. Anthony's won the girl's high school title with a 26-25 win over Cardozo.

The boys high school final was the best contest of the day. McKinley Tech, on the strength of MVP Edward Swails' 23 points, took a 76-60 lead into the final minute and promptly blew it.

Two steals and three missed, one-and-ones by Tech resulted in a 77-76 Eastern lead with five seconds left, the last hoop coming on Rileys' length-of-the-court drive off a jump ball.

But King took the ensuring inbounds pass, raced across midcourt and fired with time running out. The ball swished through clearly for King's first field goal of the game. He was mobbed by his teammates as the crowd came to its feet for the first and last time all afternoon.