Filmdom has its Bad News Bears, Washington has the Good News Bears.

The D.C. Amateur Football League champions, and the D.C. Ambassadors will play a benefit game Sept. 16 for the pediatrics and crippled children's section of D.C. General Hospital. The 8 p.m. game will be played at Spingarn High. Tickets are $2.50 each.

"We don't have too many people coming here and saying, 'What can we do for you?'" Robert Johnson, the hospital's executive director, said yesterday, "It's too rare."

The idea for this benefit evolved from discussions between Bear coach-general manager John Vaughn, president Butch Johnson and Ambassador general manager coach Eddie Martin about how the two nonprofit organizations could get involved in community affairs.

"I'm very enthused about putting something back into this hospital," said Vaughn. "I had my tonsils taken out here; my father died here."

"I was born here," added Martin. "Both teams practice in the area; the majority of players are from this area. This is the hospital that serves our kids. We wanted to do something for the young people; we're putting the athletic mantle in the background."

Although Children's Hospital gets more publicity, hospital administration Johnson said, D.C. General has 40 beds and handles about 40,000 outpatients annually.

Johnson said proceeds from the game will be used to purchase additional supplies, fix up a playroom and buy additional educational equipment.

"This is no fly-by-night operation. It's not a sham like some other football promotions recently," Butch Johnson said. "Our goal is $10,000 and the only way we will not make it is if the community is not concerned."

Vaughn said the two teams would like to make the game an annual event.

The NCAA recently completed a chart of major college basketball trends for the past 20 years.

Players took four shots a game more in 1958 than 1977, yet the two teams averaged 13 points a game more in 77. The major reason: Field-goal accuracy in 1958 was 38.4 per cent; last season it was a record 46.8 per cent.

Players shoot free throws no better today thana decade ago. The highest seasonal free-throw percentage was 69.4 in 1966; last season it was 69.2

Jean Guy Talbot was named yesterday to succeed John Ferguson as coach of the NHL New York Rangers. Ferguson will continue as general manager. He admits he had this move in mind when he hired Talbort as the team's first fill-time assistant coach last season.

Talbot, who a started as a 16-year-old played 12 seasons with the Montreal Canadians and was a member of Stabley Cup championship squads seven times.

Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Ed Ott is getting hate mail in the aftermath of his recent fight with Felix Millan of the New York Mets on Aug. 12. Most of it comes from New York.

"I can't believe it," said Ott. "Just look at this mail. You'd think I killed somebody when all I did was defend myself."

The circumstances: Ott slid into Millan at second base. With the ball in his hand, Millan punched Ott in the face. Ott retaliated with a body slam that broke Millan's collarbone and separated his shoulder.

"If Millan had blinded me with the baseball in his hand would anybody be writing me letters?" Ott asked. "Not one person wrote who says I was right."