For the first time within the memory of University of Maryland officials, demand for tickets for the Penn State football game Sept. 24 at Unversity Park has far exceeded the 3,100-ticket allotment supplied by the Nittany Lions.

As a result, Maryland season ticket-holders who have been accustomed to getting as many tickets to the game as they want are being cut back, usually to a maximum of two tickets.

Maryland wanted 7,000 tickets but Penn State had only 5,203 seats left. The rest of the seats in the 60,000-seat stadium go to season ticket-holders and students.

"In the past," said a Maryland spokesman, "we've returned tickets to Penn State. This time, we could have unloaded twice what they gave us and more. We're got some season ticket-holders upset but there isn't much anyone can do about it."

Those Maryland fans who have to stay behind can watch the game on television, unless they are living in New York City. The NCAA television committee has agreed with an earlier decision by ABC television to show the Ohio State-Oklahoma game in the Big Apple that day instead of Maryland-Penn State.