In the city edition of Saturday's sports section it was incorrectly noted that the Washington Bullets are increasing season-ticket prices for the upcoming season. The Bullets are raising ticket prices by $1 for higher-priced single-game tickets. These tickets now cost $9 and $7. The $3.50 ticket now costs $4. There has been no increase in the price of season tickets. The Washington Post regrets the error.

The Washington Bullets are raising the prices on season tickets for next season's National Basketball Association games.

Higher-priced tickets will cost $1 more, up from $8 and $6 to $9 and $7, $3.50 tickets will cost $4.

Season ticket costs will be based on last season's prices.

The increase comes on the heels of the team's numerous player changes since the 1976-77 season. The Bullets have signed free agent Bob Dandridge and rookies Greg Ballard and Bo Ellis and dropped veteran Leonard Gray, Mike Riordan and Dave Bing.

Team officials are convinced the new faces will make the club a contender and increase attendance. Crowds were down last season, especially during the playoffs.

General manager Bob Ferry confirmed that two third-round draft choices, Jerry Schellenberg of Wake Forest and Steve Puidokas of Washington State, probably will play this season in Europe.

"I had to tell both of them that their chances of making the team weren't very good," said Ferry. "If they could get a good contract in Europe, it was the best place for them."

Ferry also said he expected Joe Pace, a reserve center last year, to report to training camp. Pace had told friends he was considering placing in Europe.

"Joe hasn't said a word to me about it," Ferry said. "I would think that if he was going to Europe, he'd be there now. But he played on our summer team, and he's still under contract with us. As far as I know, his status hasn't changed."