Fullback Steve Chafin and tight end Tom Bourassa, both sophomores, have left the Navy football team.

Chafin, a letterman, returned to his home in Sinton, Tex. He is expected back at the academy Sept. 7, when the brigade reports prior to the resumption of classes.

Bourassa, a graduate of Friendly High School, was not present for the commencement of practic Monday, but the coaching staff expected him to report late. Instead, he said yesterday, he plans to leave the academy and to attend school in Arizona.

Chafin and another plebe, Larry Klawinski, fought for the starting full-back job most of last season. Chafin started against William and Mary and Pittsburgh before an injury gave Klawinski the top spot.

Futher injuries in spring practice left Chafin in a battle with junior Dave Walker for No. 2 status behind Klawinski.Chafin averaged four yards in 37 carries last season, with a 70-yard performance against Air Force his best showing.

Tight end is a crucial position for the Mids this season, following the graduation of Kevin Sullivan, an outstanding blocker as well as Navy's No. 10 career pass receiver. Bourassa, Sophomore Carl Hendershot and senior Richard Cellon all were given consideration for the job.

Bourassa, a running back at Friendly, started at the position with the Mids a year ago, then was shifted to linebacker. The move to tight end came in spring practice.

Shifts in assignments are common at Navy, as coach George Welsh attempts to get the best athletes in action. However, Bourassa said that, "It kind of discouraged me a lot. I can't say it had everything to do with it, but I'm not particularly impressed with Navy, its football team and the program. I don't particularly like the academy, It's not what I want."

Bourassa's summer cruise assignment was on an LSD (landing ship dock) out of San Diego that sailed up the West Coast to Alaska. Asked if it compared to a pleasure cruise, he laughed and said, "Not quite."

Bourassa said he had not contacted the coaching staff at Arizona, but said he was "just going out there" and "probably will" play football.

Navy's bad news continuted to mount when starting defensive end Jim Degree strained a knee in yesterday's morning practice. The extent of the injury was undetermined, but he will be out at least a few days.

The Mids will hold a closed scrimmage a 11 a.m. today. The open the season against The Citadel in Annapolis Sept. 10.