On a day when cornerback Pat Fischer jogged for the first time in more than six weeks, the Redskin staff was scurrying all over the place trying to find several of the players they will cut by 4 p.m. today.

The club would not make any formal announcement about the cuts, but it was learned that three men - running back Eddie Moss, wide receiver Doug Winslow and middle linebacker Cliff Laboy - will be placed on waivers today.

Defensive tackel Perry Brooks, who suffered a severe sprained ankle and knee in the preseason game against Mimani, will be placed on the team's injured reserve list, as expected.

Fischer showed up at Redskin Park yesterday morning and "just did a little running. I didn't do very much," he said. "I just wanted to see what it felt like.

"I just went a little ways, stopped and walked a little. I don't know how far I went. It felt all right, and I'm certainly not discouraged. I've just got to do more every day. At this point, I don't know what to expect. I'll wait and see if it's all right tomorrow, then try again."

Redskin coach George Allen, meanwhile, said he will try again today to roundup the rest of the people he must cut. Winslow, Moss Laboy and Brooks all were summoned to Redskin Park this afternoon to learn their fate. The other four victims, Allen said, took off in various directions because, the team was given off until 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

"We want to talk to them all first before we announce it," Allen said. "We should have them all by tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon."

There were no surprises among yesterday's cuts, with the possible exception of Moss. He spent the summer as the Redskins' backup fallback behind John Riggins, averaged 3.3 yards per carry and was considered a decent blocker with good hands. Moss, 29 and a four-year veteran, signed as a free agent in the offseason after playing out his option with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1976. The Redskins apparently felt that with veteran Bob Brunet and rookie Clarence Harmon able to play either fullback or tailback Moss was expendable.

In addition to the hurt of being cut, Moss will also leave the Redskins with another kind of pain. He suffered a bruised bicep Saturday night against the Green Bay Packers an his right arm was in a sling yesterday.

The Redskins will no doubt make a monetary settlement with him based on the amount of time it would have taken him to recover from the injury. "We still have to talk about that some more," Moss said, confirming that he had been cut, and grimacing when he tried to lift his arm. "I've still got to talk to my lawyer about it and I've got to find a job now and make some money."

This was the second time the Redskins have put Winslow on waivers. They cut him at the end of training camp a year ago, but recalled him early in the regular season. He was on the actice roster for seven games, suffered a minor knee injury late in the season and was placed on injured reserve.

Winslow, a three-year veteran, was another victim of the numbers game at one of the Redskins' strongest postions. Allen will probably keep only four wide receivers - starters Charley Taylor and Frank Grant and backups Larry Jones and Danny Buggs. Rookie free agent Kevin Farrell was still on the roster as of last night, and may stick because of his special-team work.

The release of Laboy, a free agent from Hawaii, was the least surprising, though he had the most difficult time accepting the news. After meeting with Allen, Laboy spent 30 minutes walking alone around the Redskin Park practice field, then wandered aimlessly around the office complex looking at the pictures on the walls.

"I was just trying to think about all the things I did wrong, where I messed up and how I should have done better," he said. "I just wish I had a better chance. I wish they played me more. I just wondered why. If I was messing up, I could accept it, but I thought I did all right. That's life, I guess.

"You try so hard and you just can't believe it. But they can't keep three middle linebackers so they had to get rid of one. I'll play for anybody. It doesn't matter where as long as I can play."

Laboy said the Redskins were trying to help him get a job in the Canadian Football League, but if football is not in his future this year he will return home to Hawaii and his former job as a bodyguard for singer Don Ho.

Safety Eddie Brown was released from Carlisle Hospital over the weekend after spending three days in bed with a throat abscess that made it difficult for him to swallow. He said he lost 12 pounds, down to 178, and will resume working out with the team Wednesday afternoon. After four preseason games, rookie Harmon is still the Redskins leading rusher, with 198 yards in 39 carries, a five-yard average . . . Jones, is the leading receiver with 11 catches for 183 yards . . . The Redskins have been penalized 38 times for losses of 408 yards in their first four preseason games.