Navy, afflicted with penalties and fumbles in two earlier scrimmages, would like another full-scale session to work on its deficiencies. It won't be possible, however, because of another problem - injuries.

"I'm too worried to hit," said coach George Welsh, sitting shirtless by an open window and sipping a diet root beer as he tried to inhibit the melting process between practice sessions. "We have a lot of guys that aren't practicing right now. I hope most of them will be back in the next couple of days, but I can't risk them in a scrimmage."

Quarterback Bob Leszczynski, who completed seven straight passes during Tuesday's work, has been hobbled by a bruised knee and a sore back.

"I don't want to go into the season without him," said Welsh, glancing skyward to emphasize what such a predicament would do to the high hopes here on the Severn. Lezczynski, barring further aggravation will be ready for the Sept. 10 opener against the Citadel, but he needs work after missing spring practice.

On a positive note, Welsh said that "the defense has made real good progress. You have to remember they've been going against the same offense since spring, but they look good. The offense has been throwing well, catching well and getting off some good runs. But we've been killed by fumbles and penalties.

"We had six holds in the first scrimmage and they took away some big grains. Then Tuesday we lost first downs because of clips. You expect these things from a young team, but those guys have been through the mill."

Injuries have clouded the middle guard situation as both Alvin Miller and Charlie Meyers have been hobbled leaving third-stringer Tommy Thompson in temporary possession of Jeff Sapp's old job.

Miller as missed the heavy work because of an ankle strain and ligament problem brought on by a clip. Meyers has a sore shoulder.

The other big question mark, tight end, has produced brighter answers, with Carl Hendershot improved and Richard Cellon performing capably.