"I'm sick," offensive line coach Jake Hallum said after the Univeristy of Maryland varsity decimated the Jaycees, 42-10, yesterday in the final scrimmage before the Terps' opener next Saturday at Clemson.

Once might have thought Hallum to be motion sick from viewing all the long runs, passes and even a 51-yard field goal by kicker Mike Sochko.

But hallum's reaction was to a hippointer suffered by the only returning starter to the offensive line, Mike Yeates.

The Terps' strong guard left the staduim immediately after the injury with an ice pack taped to his left hip. It is thought not to be serious, but any injury to Yeates is serious in a season when the offensive line must be rebuilt.

The line fared well enough in the first half as the offense rolled up 42 points while the defense didn't ginve up a first down.

The JV "Zingos" as they are affectionatly known, rallied for 10 points and shut out the Varsity in the second half, when coach Jerry Claiborne said his team "looked like Ned in your first grade reader."

Tailbacks Steve Athkins and Alvin Preacher Maddox each scored two touchdowns. Maddox producing the longest with a 52-uard burst through the right side.

George Scott, who started at fullback, moved to tailback and scored on a 16-yard slant.

Quarterback Mark Manges completed five of his eight passes for 138 yards, including a 45-yard scoring toss to freshman Jan Carinci. Larry Dick, second-string quarterback, rested an aching shoulder but will be available against Clemson.

Sochko's 51-yard field goal - a line drive through the middle of the crossbars - opened scoring in the second half and brought the scout squad "closer" at 42-3.

Freshman Todd Benson intercepted a deflected Mages pass to put the Zings on the varsity's 29. Their touchdown came on a 16-yard run up the middle by walk-on Greg Davis, who was mobbed in the end zone by his teammates.

Only two offensive line spots have been solidly conceded to starters - Yeates' strong guard position and, by his side, hulking sophomore Larry Stewart at strong tackle.

Stewart is 6-5, 270 and bench presses 425 pounds.

On the other side, at quick tackle. Jim Ulam's is the first name to appear, but Hallum says it is even between Ulam and Kervin Wyatt, who was moved to tackle from linebacker last season.

A similar deadlock exists at quick guard between Glenn Chameriain and letterman Paul Glamp.

Center, Hallum says, is a three-horse race. On the depth chart they are listed in this order: Don Rhodes, a fifth-year man who's never lettered: Brian Matera, who is switching from linebacker, and Mike Simaon, who has lettered at offensive tackle.

Claiborne says the offensive line "still has a long ways to go."

So far, hallum says, there have veen "no surprises and no disappointments."

If Yeates is unable to play, sophomore Richard Cummmins is listed as his backup, but the coaches say they would do some shuffliing.

Hallum calls Yeates "one of the best in the country." Stewart says, "I like to just watch him. I like the way he explodes in the shoulders."

Sports Illustrated's football preseason poll lists Maryland ninth. A betters' publication. Socre magazine, pickes the Terps No. 1 on the strength of their defense.