When the University of Maryland opens at Clemson Saturday, perceptive fans may notice No. 65 alternating between strong guard and quick jackie. They probably won't detect thet Kervin Wyatt his heart at linebacker.

On a day when the rebuilt effensive the will be up for inspection. Wyatt will have just begun to feel at home.

"Playing on the head-denting defensive unit once so appealed to Wyatt that he alomost left Maryland when he was moved from line-backer, where he played last yerar, back to the offewssive line, where he lettered as a freshman.

"My lifetime ambition was to play defense," said Wyatt. "What I really liked about football was playing defense. When I was put on offense, it crossed my mind that maybe Maryland ans wasn't the place for me.

"L almost made up my mind I was out of here. I wanted to leave, and yet didn't. I'm from the Maryland (Hillerestleights). I've always rooted for Maryand. And when I thought about it. I finally decided I'd be crazy to leave.

"My reasons for waiting to leave were selfish, I guess, even though everyone is out here to benefit himself we needed offensive lineman. I could see that myself.

So one day he went to coach Jerry Claiborne's office and said, "I want to pay offense.

It's and offer that Claiborne will be particular glad he didn't refuse, with any one starter, Mike Yeates, returning to the offensive line. And turning to the offensive line. And Yeates is suffering from a hip pointer while understudy Richard Cummits is cut with a back muscle pull.

So Wyatt, who had won a starting position at quick tackle, will also play at strong guard when the less-than-healthy. Yeates needs a breather.

Wyatt started one game as a freshman But is not the same as being a statern. So Saturday is an ocassion for the 240 ound. 6 foot , foot 3 athler.

"I was told Tuesday I would start," said Wyatt, "but no one knew where.

"To tell you the truth, it didn't matter where, I was happy. It's something for me to be named for me to named a starter I guess you gain a little more respect."

Offensive coach Jsake Hallum Lauded Wyatt's football mind, his quickness, his competitives and with even objectivity, his decision to play on the offence line.

"We thought," said Halum, "that he could be a pretty good linebacker . . . but an outstanding offensive lineman."

Wyatt like rest of the line newscomers says the unit needs only experience, than it learns from its mistakes and makes plenty of mistakes from which to learn. It is basically the only question mark on the team.

I'm sure everyone is anxious to see us periom," said Wyatt. how the offensive line goes, so go the Terps.

"We have to perform and we will perform. There's no doubt about it."

Wyatt has prepared for the game in a manner one would normally suspect of George Atkinson not of an offensive lineman - a breed generally known for its passive strength and ability to survive abuse.

"I picture myself coming up to the line, going down in my stance ," said Wyatt. "I picture the ball being snapped. I picture what I'm going to do to my man. (A pause, followed by a hesitant smile)

"I probably shouldn't say this but I really try to maul him.

"If I make it on offense, I'm going to make in a way that gives me satisfaction. I'm going to be aggressive, like defensive people are.

"To be a great offensive lineman is not to lose that wild aggressiveness that a defensive lineman has."

So how does Wyatt like his new apparent permanent identity as an offensive lineman.

"I like the game," said Wyatt, "but defense is still my favorite.

Everyone on the term practiced in relatively good physical shape for their opener . . . Yeates and defense left tackle Larry Sedea are still sore from injuries but both will play. Claiborne said he expects to play everyone . . . The Terps will flyto Clemson this morning.