National Hockey League clubs and NHL Players Association have effected a new five-year agreement, expiring in 1982 and replacing previous contract that would have run to 1980, that Capitals might like; it provides for a waiver draft, or intraleague draft, giving weaker teams a chance to pluck from stronger clubs. Accommodation reached in Toronto session calls for new standard player contract which the club can buy up for one-third of player's NHL salary, making him a free agent who might find employment with another team without club he leaves having to be compensated. Also new, club gains right to demote a player to minors without his consent, for up to 14 days, provided it continues his regular pay. Waiver draft will be Oct. 10, clubs must submit protected lists (18 skaters, two goalies, three additional players with two years or less pro experience) by Oct. 7. Training camps will be extended to 28 days from 21 for extra exhibition games - in return NHL sets up a dental plan and assumes responsibility for $600,000 loan the NHLPA made last season to save the Cleveland franchise. Minimum player salary goes to $12,500 now, increasing to $25,000 by 1981-82.