It's stick-your-neck-out time again as the National Football League heads into the first week of its-regular season.

In the National East, Conference Washington quarterback Billy Kilmer is in good health, and coach George Allen has come up with another veteran, Mike Curtis, to shore up the defense. But second-year cornerback Gerard Williams has big shoes to fill replacing Pat Fischer. I rate them to win the division.

Dallas looks like the winner in the East. Tony Dorsett can do it all, and the youngsters in the offensive line have performed well in exhibitions. If the Cowboys have a weakness, it's an occasional inability to stop the run, but Tom Henderson will be a superlinebacker for them. 4-5.

St. Louis coach Don Coryell has had problems cranking up his offense, but he has plenty of speed. His defensive line is porous, 2-1.

Philadelphia and the New York Giants are each 50 to 1. Both have been seeking offensive firepower unsuccessfuly. The Eagles have little available at running back and the Giants their defense shows promise.

The Giants have also a history of impatience with coaches, so the pressure is on John McVay to win early. Opening against Washington and Dalas makes that a longshot assignment.

Here's an early look at this weekend's game: Los angeles 11 over Atlanta, Cincinnati 10 over Cleveland, Philadelphia 12 over Tamp Bay, Washington 4 over New YOrk Giants, Miami 3 over Buffalo, New England 11 over Kansas City, Chicago 4 over Detroit, New Orleans 6 over Green Bay, Oakland 13 over San Deigo, Houston 10 over New York Jets, Minnesota 1 over Dallas, Denver 3 over St. Louis, Baltimore 14 over Seattle.

In the NFC West, Los Angeles is 1 to 2 to repeat as champions. San Francisco and New Orleans area to 1, with Atlanta 10 to 1.

Minnesota is even to again take the NFC Central. Chicago and Detroit I see at 2 to 1, Green Bay and Tampa Bay 50 to 1.