Two amateur football teams, the D.C. Bears and the Washington Ambassadors, will meet in an exhibition game Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Spingarn High School's football stadium for the benefit of D.C. General Hospital's pediatric clinic.

"The idea was conceived by John Vaughn and Eddie Martin in July when the Ambassadors decided not to play in the D.C. Amateur Athletic League this season," explained Butch Johnson, president and player-coach of the Bears and project coordinator for the game. "They thought an exhibition game between the two teams to benefit some organization would be a good concept. We contacted the hospital and they loved the idea."

Martin is general manager of the Ambassadors and Vaughn holds the same post with the Bears.

The game is being sponsored by D.C. General's volunteer services committee.

Johnson, who said he hopes to make this an annual event, played for Theodore Roosevelt High School and, in 1965, tried out with the Philadelphia Eagles. He played semipro ball for five years, joined the Bears in 1970 and, at 36, still plays regularly.

"We're hoping we can fill the stadium," said Johnson. "Our goal is to raise $10.000. This is really our first attempt at branching out from the athletic area into community work. We're hoping that this will just be a start for other projects in the future."

The Bears are the defending champions in the D.C. Amateur Athletic League. Admission to the game is $2.50.