"Bulletin," read the wire-service story out of Deer Lake, Pa., yesterday. "Muhammad Ali was knocked down twice and injured his neck while sparring with Jimmy Ellis Wednesday, eight days before his championship bout with Earnie Shavers, and afterward the groggy Ali said he didn't remember either knockdown."

The story went on to say that most of the 150 spectators "and even some of Ali's own people" thought he was clowing as usual. "But this was no stunt."

Always suspicious of master-showman Ali when there are tickets to be sold. FanFare agrees with the 150 spectators.

English teacher Sam Withers of D.C. reckons Friday's Langley-McLean high school football battle "just may be historic" and sends along the clippings from last Saturday's Post to prove it. The account of McLean's victory over Washington-Lee starts with Boswell (Dave) leading the winning attack with heroics including a 91-year run; Langley over Herndon begins with Johnson (Brad) running 90 yards for a score. Withers would notice - he taught at McLean last year, now holds forth at Langley. And his classes doubtless know now, if they didn't before, of the original Boswell (James) and Johnson (Samuel). You could look it up . . .