"That wasn't so bad, was it?" asked WJLA-TV-7 sportscaster Dan Lovett of Redskin coach George Allenas the two were concluding their much-effort.

While Allen initial performance was acceptable, the show's slogan, ("The one man in Washington who really knows the score") and final question ("We'll be talking about a victory next week, won't we, George?") were not.

"Well, I hope everything goes better." Allen answered> not tipping his hand that in a few hours it would be known that Jerry Smith was back on the team (George doesn't even give himself exclusives).

Then it was back to David and Delores, and time to turn the channel to yet another Redskin, on another station, on the Monday night Redskin blitz of the airwaves.

On WRC-TV-4, Mike Thomas, whose fumble set up the Giants' winning field goal Sunday, was sitting placidly in his seat as Nick Charles and Jim Simpson threw slow curves at him in what will be a regular Monday "debriefing."

In the "debriefing," Thomas said of him fumble: "I never felt I had completed control of the ball."

True statement.

The debriefing did not include a reply of the fumble.

Sonny Jurgensen and Glen Brenner relied mostly on higlights snipped from the network telecast of the game for their nightly news stick on WTOP-TV-9. They came back an hour later with Diron Talbert on the 30-minute Redskin Dideline show that also included a 90-second Kilmer's Korner (sic).

Better they should call it Bill's Balcony, because that's exactly where Jurgensen interviewed his old pal.

But back to the football coach.

Aside from some poor audio Allen sounded as if he was calling in from a phone booth on the New Jersey Turnpike, his opening show was rather entertaining.

He showed most of the game's big plays - with the exception of Thomas' critical fumble - and ran them back several times just like he does for real.

To his credit, Lovett got Allen to admit he had erred in not celling time - out in the final 30 seconds of the Giant game: There was also a complete rundown on the Redskin injury list and Lovett, after a little prodding, even talked the coach into picking the Steelers over the 49ers in the Monday night game later on.

Jurgensen was probably the Redskins' severest critic, wondering out loud why Allen switched into a goal-line defense on the eight-yard line on the pass play that gave the Giants the t* ying touchdown.

Jurgensen asked Talbert about it later on, and the big defensive tackle replied. "George called it from the sideline. You can't question that."

Other Monday night highlights brought to you by the Redskins, included:

Billy Kilmer taking a shower - upper body only on camera in what has to rank as the worst Koons Kar Kommercial of this or any other season.

Somebody forgetting to fix Mike Thomas' tie.

Sonny Jurgensen saying, "I didn't think they were ready to play."

Diron Talbert saying, "We were ready to play."

Billy Kilmer saying "We weren't ready to play early in the game."

Diron Talbert alienating some people by saying, "We went to that rat-infested city of New Jersey and got bitten by some pretty good rats." (Are there rats in that luxurious stadium?)

But Kilmer gets the Ken Beatrice "Cliche of the Week" award for his statement: "The league is so well-balanced. Y*ou have to be ready every week because any team can beat you."

Talbert was a close second. "Now that we're down, we have no place to go but up."

Who said this TV season is dull?