Leonard Farbman, Bert Gold. Ruby Stofberg and the brothers Morty and Arnold Plant, all Baltimore businessmen, were identified yesterday as being part of a Maryland group which has negotiated to buy Bowie and Marlboro race tracks.

However, Dr. Kenneth Roberts, chairman of the board of the track's parent company, said from his Toronto offices that "there is no deal peding. Nothing is imminent.

"By that I mean there is nothing likely to happen today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or three months from now," Robert said. "I keep hearing about such reports. Godbless them, whoever these buyers are. I hope they put their money where their face is."

Robert acknowledged he met last Friday in Baltimore with the Maryland group, which reportedly had agreed to pay $8.5f million for Bowwie, plus $3 million for Marlboro as a real-estate investment.

"I listened," Roberts said. "I always listen. I talk to everybody who's got a proposition. We are not the Cohens and the Schapiro (owners of Pimlico and Laurel). We are a public company (Gibraltar Pari-mutuel, Inc.) with public stockholders. I would try to make a decision based on what is best for the bottom line, as to what would be our best capital return.

"I have seen other interested groups before and since Friday," Roberts added. "Another group of Americans looked at the Marlboro property this week, studying it as a land venture. But there's no deal. There is no oral, written or verbal deal. We have never put either property up for sale."