Bob Dandridge came into the Bullet's training camp to make a quick impression on his new teammates. Instead, the former free agent from Milwaukee finds himself side-lined by a sprained ankle.

"Wouldn't you know it," he said with a laugh, "You come in with big expectations and now I can's even practice. So much for my plans."

Dandridge twisted the ankle near the end of Friday's opening practice session for the veterans. He was finishing a full-court running drill when he tripped over Kevin Grevey's foot and came up limping.

The ankle bothered him Friday night and he sat out the workouts yesterday, taking heat treatments in the training room while the rest of the Bullets practiced.

"I should be able to go Sunday," he said. "It isn't real bad but I don't want to take a chance and really hurt it."

The other injured Bullet, guard Phil Chenier, reported his strained back was not greatly improved. "I'm just going to have to continue treatments and not try to worry and get tensed up," he said.

Coach Dick Motta siad that if Chenier had been hurt a year ago at this time, "I would be more worried. I was new and we had a lot of teaching to do. Sure, I'm concerned, but the doctor says it should heal up okay with time.

"Bob (Dandridge) already has missed some teaching sessions and I want him back as soon as he can. He's a veteran so he should pick things up fast, but this is the time of year it's important to have everyone healthy."

Motta reduced his camp roster from 16 to 14 by cutting David Reavis, the ex-Mackin star from Georgia, and 6-foot -10 Ernie Wansley from Virginia Tech.

The Bullets told both that they should play in the Eastern League. Reavis, who has plenty of talent, is trying to make the change from forward to guard while Wansley, who had ben the surprise of the rookie camp, needs more experience against tougher competition.

"I'm very pleased with how things are going so far," said Motta. "We are way ahead of where we were at this point last year, even though the veterans have been here just two days. We've got a lot of enthusiasm out here. Everyone is working very hard, and that's a good sign."