The assignments for today's workout stirred considerable speculation among the Washington Capitals.

The Capitals will carry 25 men on a three-game exhibition trip this week and, not coincidentally, there were 25 players in the first group on the ice. Among the second-session participants were five of last season's regulars - wingers Hartland Monahan, Bob Sirois and Tony White, center Rick Bragnalo and defenseman Pete Scamurra.

White, who has looked good in camp despite a hamstring problem, broke his stick against the wall when he left the ice. Monahan, who hasn't looked bad either, just stood and said, "I wish I knew what was going on." Management has already let Sirois know it expects more quickness from him and he responded with a superb effort in this afternoon's scrimmage.

General manager Max McNab made no official statement that group one would comprise the traveling 25, but it quickly became common knowledge. The others will not be cut, but will work out here through Sunday, then some of them will rejoin the team at Fort Dupont beginning Monday.

Among those skating with the first group were left wings John Stewart, Mike Marson and Gary Rissling; centers Doug Gibson and Bob Dudley, and right wings Tom Rowe, Mark Lofthouse and Doug Patey.

Center Guy Charron skated by himself, to avoid sudden stops or collisions, and said later of his damaged left knee, "It's not bothering me."