Redskin quarterback Joe Theismann said yesterday he had met with George Allen and apologized to the coach for remarks expressing displeasure with his role as back-up quarterback before 200 fans at a dinner Monday night.

Theismannhad said he was fed up with being relegated by Allen to second-string duty behind Billy Kilmer, adding: "I don't play for George Allen. I stopped playing for George Allen two year ago because I cann't play for someone who treats me that way. I just can't respect that."

Theismann said yesterday, "A lot of times you say things in total frustration. If you don't fully understand the situation, you don't quite know how to deal with it.

"I went to coach Allen today. I feel it was a mistake I made. I wanted to be man enough to face him and admit it to him. We had a very good discussion. What was said was between the coachand myself.

"All I know is, sometimes I say too much without thinking. I sai some things that can't help our football team. They were said out of frustration more than belief. I'm the one who has to bear the responsibility for it, and I do.

"I think the Redskins will be a geat football team. I have to stop caring about the individual and do what I can to help this team win."

Allen said, "Joe came looking for me this morning. I understand completely. I'd rather have no comment on it. It's better you talk to Joe."