Sorry, Abe Lincoln you've been knocked out of the box.

In Lindsay, Calif., the school district trustees have responded affirmatively to principal Bob Edwards' request and changed the name of Lincoln Junior High to . . . Steve Garvey Junior High School.

There's been considerable student unrest in the school, 140 miles north of Los Angeles, and Edwards zeroed in on the Dodger first baseman, to provide the youths "an immediate role model because of Garvey's clean image. We thought about some of the beautiful people in history, but here is a living guy who has lived an exemplary life and we think kids can grab onto it immediately."

The trustees also approved a Cindy Garvey classroom named for the ball-player's wife, and in honor of the Dodger manager, it will now be Tom Lasorda Library.

Of course, Dodger blue is the new school color . . .

After all that talk about an economical 1984 Olympics, Los Angeles arranged to send several city representives to an International Sports Federations convention in Monte Carlo next week - and drew a rap on the knuckles by IOC executive director Monique Berlioux. "Not necessary" and "irregular," she called it, saying the IOC was "not for all this travel," already, and what about the bally, hooed frgaligty? Mayor Tom Bradley's liason man, Anton Calleia, contends that the trip to Monaco is essential to nailing down facility requirements prior to reaching the expected contract with IOC next spring in Athens . . . Meanwhile IOC president Lord Killanin in London and Soviet official Vitaly Smirnov (presumably not talking through his vodka) in Moscow denied the allegation raised by 72 U.S. congressmen led by Jack Kemp (R-N.Y.) that moves are afoot to keep Israel out of the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.

"We've been hacking at him for two years," Toronto Maple Leaf president Harold Ballard said yesterday as the NHL club announced that blue-chip right winger Ron Ellis is coming back from retirement at 32. Ellis will add to totals of 276 goals, 258 assists compiled in 11 years with the Leafs . . . Aucontraire, Rod Gilbert - Mr. New York Ranger to many - has bitterly asked the Madison Squre Garden club for his outright release. Right winger Gilbert, a 16-year Ranger at 36, quit the team Friday after he was left off the traveling squd for the the exhibition opener vs. the Capitals in Hershey. He claimed communication had broken down with general manager John Ferguson: supposedly over contract problems, but Gilbert says "I don't want a new contract. I want out because I don't want to play under him."

Hospital medies found that Texas A&M's mammoth fullback, George Woodard, had not appendicitis but a minor abdominal inflammation and cleared him for practice now and duty against Michigan in Saturday's biggie at Ann Arbor . . . Detroit pitcher John Hiller, who battled back to the majors in 1972 after a hear attack in January, 1971, revealed in Baltimore, where the Tigers are closing out the Oriole home season, that he is suffering with an enlarged liver. "The operation I had after my heart attack put an extra strain on the liver," said Hiller, 34.

Washingtonians Tommy Marvaso and Duane Carrell committed boohoos in the N.Y. Jets' loss to Baltimore and paid the price yesterday: strong safety Marvaso was cut and Artimus Parker, the former Eagle, signed; punter Carrell was waived and three booters brought in for tryouts - including another shot for former Terp Phil Waganheim of Silver Spring.No, still no dice for Wags; they signed Chuch Ramsey, 1973 NCAA punting champ at Wake Forest.

Back home again, in Alabama, though is Pat Sullivan, whose latest bid for a job, with Saskatchewan of the CFL, was no go . . .

Adrian Dantley wore No. 44 through De Matha High, three years at Notre Dame and made NBA rookie of the year under it at Buffalo. Traded to Indiana, he arrived in Pacer camp to find guard Mike Flynn wearing No. 44. They flipped a coin. Dantley will wear No. 4.