On Wednesday, the Boston Red Sox passed the 2-million mark in attendance for the first time in the club's 77-year history. On Thursday, sale of the team was announced.

Haywood Sullivan, a journeyman catcher for the Sox 20 years ago and since 1965 the American League contender's vice president-player personnel, and Buddy LeRoux, Red Sox trainer 1966-74 after lengthy service as a trainer for the hockey Bruins and basketball Celtics, held a group of 13 who won out in the bidding.

Joseph LaCour, who served with Jean Yawkey on a three-member trust that administered the club since the death of her husband, longtime owner Tom Yawkey, on July 9, said yesterday, "We have to hammer out a contract for the sale, but for all intents it is sold." The deal is expected to be wrapped up Oct. 31, assuming ratificationn by three-quarters vote of American League club owners.

LaCour would not state the selling price, but the Sullivan-LeRoux group, which includes another sports figure in former Celtic forward Frank Ramsey, reportedly won at $15 million-$16 million despite a higher offer, $17 million, by A-T-O Corp. of Ohio, parent firm of Rawlings Sporting Goods.

Also losing out was a syndicate led by onetime Bosox outfield star Dom DiMaggio. No mention of Ted Williams anywhere in the reports . . .