There won't be much fancy stuff when No. 3-ranked Michigan hosts No. 5-ranked Texas A&M today in a battle of the big boys at Ann Arbor.

Michigan will line up in the Schembechler I formation and run right at the Aggies, while Texas A&M will unleash its wishbone - now onw of the best - on the Wolverines.

"I did find it difficult to get my team motivated for Duke and Navy," Michigan coach Bo Schembechler said, trying to explain bad Michigan showings in its last two games. "But I will not have that problem with A&M."

He shouldn't.The Aggies are loaded and, likt Michigan, have a 3-0 record.

Most of Michigan's opponents can't come near matching the offensive talents of the Wolverines' Big Three, quarterback Rick Leach, fullback Russell Davis and tailback Harlan Huckleby.

Texas A&M can be countering with quarterback David Walker, fullback George Woodard and halfback Curtis Dickey.

Much could depend, however, on the health of the 265-pound Woodard, who was hospitalized earlier in the week with abdominal pains. It was first feared he had appendicitis.

Woodard has picked up 291 yards already this season.

"He's big and nifty and he can get moving quickly," Schembechler said. "More than one guy has to be there to meet him."

Dickey is a 9.4 sprinter who is averaging 6.8 yards a carry.

What makes the Aggies so effective, however, is their kicking game.

"One advantage they have that we can't match is that kicker," Schembechler admitted, referring to barefoot Aggie Tony Franklin.

"He's the greatest in the country, college or pro.Other than trying to put pressure on him and block the kick. I don't know how to stop him. Anytime they across midfield they've got three points, and that's an unbelievable advantage. That means we can't play field position with them. If we play even with them they'll win because of that kicker, so we have to be superior."

Franklin missed his first four field goals this year, but has come back to make his last six. In his career, he had made 10 of 19 field goals of more than 50 yards and three of 60 or more, including one of 65 yards.

Michigan is a one-touchdown favorite, but the Aggies may expose the Wolverines as not as good as they have been promoted. Michigan seldom faces people as big as fast as the Aggies and that, combined with the complexities of trying to stop the wishbone, could result in a long and frustrating afternoon for Michigan.

Penn State plays its third straight tough game when it hosts Kentucky at Beaver Stadium. The Nittany Lions had little toruble getting past Houston and Maryland the last two weeks and coach Joe Paterno has said that after these three games he would know if this was a great Penn State team or an also-ran.

A victory today will give the Lions a decent shot at going through the season undefeated. Their remaining games will be against Utah State, Syracuse, West Virginia, Miami (Fla.) North Carolina State, Temple and Pitt.

In the Southeastern Conference, Bear Bryant of Alabama and Vince Dooley of Georgia keep exchanging compliments without saying much about today's game itself. Alabama is a two to three-touchdown favorite.

Texas, 2-0, which has scored 112 points and hasn't given up any, will play Rice, a 77-0 loser to Louisiana State last week.

Notre Dame, which has been struggling, will finally play a game at home as it hosts Michigan State.

My predictions are Texas A&M over Michigan, 27-20: Pen State past Kentucky, 30-13, and Alabama getting by Georgia, 29-12.

In other games, the irish should handle Michigan State, 19-14, and Oklahoma should take care of Kansas, 42-22.

Locally, Navy should upset Duke 28-17, and North Carolina State will add to Maryland's miseries, 30-22.