On reason Oklahoma's second-ranked football team is not the high-scoring outfit it has been in the past is because of turnovers. Renewing a rivalry with Texas Saturday, the Sooners will quickly learn that they can't afford to make mistakes. Although Texas has not yet faced any tough defenses this year, the hungry young Longhorns have been averaging more than 61 points a game.

Nevertheless, Oklahoma by 3.

In other college action:

Maryland 13 over Syracuse, Navy 10 over Air Force, Clemson 24 over Holy Cross. Princeton Loyer Columbia, Cornell 3 over Harvard, Yale 7 over Dartmouth. South Carolina 6 over Duke, Georgia 6 over Mississippi. Ohio State 20 over Purdle, Louisville 7 over Tulsa, Michigan 17 over Michigan State, North Carolina 8 over Wake Forest.

Penn State 31 over Utah, VMI 11 over Richmond, West Virginia 20 over Temple, Virginia Tech 6 over William & Mary, Tennessee 7 over Georgia Tech, US-U. 10 over Vanderbilt, Auburn 3 over North Carolina State, Wisconsin 7 over Illinois, Indiana 10 over Northwestern, Iowa and Minnesota even, Iowa State 1 over Missouri, Nebraska 19 over Kansas State, Colorado 10 over Oklahoma State, Southern, California 8 over Alabama.

California 6 over Washington State, Brigham Young 7 over Oregon State, Washington 6 over Oregon, UCLA 3 over Stanford, Baylor 10 over SMU, Pittsburgh 4 over Florida, Boston College 6 over Tulane, Florida State 4 over Cincinnati, Kentucky 3 over Mississippi State, Miami (Fla.) 1 over Kansas, TOU 3 over Rice, Texas 6 over Arizona, Arizona State 10 over New Mexico.

My early look at the NFL schedule this weekend; Washington 13 over Tampa Bay, N.Y. Giants 3 over Philadelphia. Oakland 10 over Cleveland, Buf Sart Diego 1 over New Orleans, Minnesota 8 over falls 4 over N.Y. Jets, New England 20 over Seattle, Detroit, Cincinnati 8 over Green Bay, Pittsburgh 10 over Houston, Baltimore 7 over Miami, Donver 10 over Kansas City, San Francisco 3 over Atlanta, Los Angeles 5 over Chicago (Monday night.)