Freddie Scott, who has been starting as a wide receiver for the Baltimore Colts in place of injured Roger Carr, is a medical student in the offseason.

The native of Grady, Ark., was graduated cum laude from Amherst, attended the University of Cincinnati medical school from January to June twice and switched to Johns Hopkins last winter.

He did not enter medical school under an affirmative-action program for members of minorities. He declined to offer an opinion about the Allan Bakke case after the Colt's game Sunday, because, he said, he had not studied it in depth.

Bakke, who is white, contends that although he had higher test scores, he was rejected by the University of California at Davis Medical School in favor of others admitted under an admissions program for minorities.

"I feel very liberal . . . I'm openminded," Scott said, "but the issue is complex. Super high marks may not matter in medical school as much as dedication.

"I want to help people. If I could just put a smile on a kid's face, that would be something."

Scott said he will specialize in pediatries, orthopedics, ophthalmology or research.

"My father died of a stroke," Scott said. "Twenty years later a doctor has revitalized a stroke patient, and there I was in class at Cincinnati asking questions about it."

Scott noted that safety Tom Casanova of the Bengals is studying medicine at Cincinnati.