The Dallas Cowboys, fresh from their come-from-behind, 30-24 victory over St. Louis, and, with rookie Tony Dorsett moving into high gear, are eight-point favorites to defeat the Redskins Sunday.

An early look at other games:

St. Louis 6 over Philadelphia, Detroit 7 over Green Bay, Atlanta 2 over Buffalo, Baltimore 11 over Kansas City, San Francisco 3 over N.Y. Giants. Cleveland 2 over Houston, Minnesota 7 over Chicago, Seattle 1 over Tampa Bay, Miami 20 over N.Y. Jets, Sand Diego 2 over New England, Oakland 10 over Denver, Los Angeles 13 over New Orleans, and (Monday Night) Pittsburgh 3 over Cincinnati.

In major college football: Texas 1 over Arkansas, Georgia Tech 4 over Auburn, Notre Dame 24 over Army, West Virginia 10 over Boston College, Brown 14 over Cornell, Clemson even against Duke, Colgate 5 over Princeton, Yale 10 over Columbia, Dartmouth 2 over Harvard, Purdue 10 over Illinois, Michigan State 3 over Indiana, Pittsburgh 19 over Navy, Michigan 17 over Wisconsin.

North Carolina State 2 over North Carolina, Penn State 14 over Syracuse, Virginia Tech 20 over Virginia, Maryland 7 over Wake Forest, Alabama 17 over Tennsessee, Oklahoma 13 over Missouri, Georgia 6 over Vanderbilt, Ohio State 17 over Iowa. Nebraska 11 over Iowa State, Colorado 10 over Kansas, Minnesota 21 over Northeastern.

South Carolina 1 over Mississippi, Arizona State 6 over Air Force, California 13 over Oregon State, Southern California 25 over Oregon, Washington 3 over Standord, Texas A&M 10 over Baylor, Tulane 1 over Cincinnati, Houston 14 Over SMU, Texas Tech 37 over Rice, LSU 6 over Kentucky, Mississippi State 6 over Memphis State, UCLA 1 over Washington State.