Where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio?

Not to the World Series - because his old club, the New York Yankees, gave him a royal runaround when he came to Yankee Stadium to pick up tickets.

DiMaggio, Hall of Fame center fielder, flew in from Detroit to pick up tickets fir the Yankees-Dodgers world Series that opened tonight. He arrived at Yankee Stadium early to claim the tickets for which he had sent in a tickets for which he had sent in a check well in advance.

His tickets could not be located. Obligated to wait around for nearly two hours, Dimaggio became so incensed he told the Yankees to keep the tickets.

He called the Mets and they provided tickets immediately.

"The two clubs that have always showed me a lot of class are the Dodgers and the Mets," said Dimaggio.

Dimaggio was so infuriated by his treatment from his of club that after the Mets gave him the tickets, he gave them away to friends, because he said he did not wish to go to Yankee Stadium.

Principal owner George Steinbrenner of the Yankees personally apologized to the former outfielder by way of a telephone call.

"There is nobody more important to us than Joe Dimaggio, 'Steinbrenner said.

The Yankee owner, said he didn't blame Dimaggio for being upset.

Steinbrenner personally had chosen Dimaggio to throw out the first ball for the opener, despite requests from some of the nation's top figures to make the ceremonial toss.

Steinbrenner also said he would like Dimaggio to throw out the ball for Wednesday night's second game.