The Bill Brundige-John McKay feud heated up yesterday when Brundige, labeled an "idiot" by the Tampa Bay coach Tuesday, called McKay "the worst coach in the National Football League."

The controversy started Sunday when Redskin defensive tackle Brundige told a Tampa Tribune reporter that the Bucs must diversify their I-formation offense. "He isn't at Southern Cal anymore playing Stanford," Brundige said about McKay.

Tuesday, McKay retorted, "Anybody in his right mind who says the I-formation won't work is an idiot . . . a tackle down on all fours probably doesn't know the offensive set . . ."

At Redskin Park, eight-year veteran Brundige replied:

"I guarantee you I can win more games than he can. He has one of the worst offenses in the history of the NFL.

"I know more about the Tampa Bay offense than John McKay does. I know more about pro football than John McKay does.

"He has two things going for him:

"He has a bunch of young kids who don't know any better and he's got a long-term contract. He's the worst coach in the NFL, and please quote me on that."

Brundige said that he would not mind being called a number of things, but idiot is not one of them.

According to Webster's dictionary, the primary definition of "idiot" is "ignorant and unschooled person." Brundige graduated from Colorado with a degree in mathematics and one Redskin official said his IQ is in the 145-150 range.

Tampa, which lost to the Redskins, 10-0, Sunday, has not scroed a touchdown on offense in its first four games this season. The Bues are winless in their 18-game NFL existence.