An angry Mike Thomas said he was forced to practice against his wishes yesterday and as a result aggravated a leg injury during the closed workout at Redskin Park.

I'm just depressed about the whole situation," said the running back four days before Washington'c critical confrontation with the Cowboys in Dallas. But he also said he would be able to play.

"I went out and ran on it today when I was forced to run, and it's hurting again." Thomas said. "You go out and tell George Allen that."

Who forced him to practice? Thomas was asked.

"You know who," he replied.

"That's news to me." Allen said after practice. He added, "There's a lot at stake, and we had a lot of guys practicing with bumps and bruises today."

Thomas, who gulled a hamstring muscle in his lieft leg during his first practice session in training camp, said he received a phone call at home from trainer Bubba Tyer Wednesday night and was told that he would have to practice.

"He interrupted my privacy," Thomas said.

As Thomas spoke in the locker room after practice, the conversation was interrupted when Thomas saw Tyer.

Thomas participated in only six practices and ran only three plays during the exhibition season. Nevertheless, after a 12 rush, 27-yard day in the season opener against the New York Giants. Thomas ran against Atlanta and St. Louis at a pace that would surpass his 1976 rushing yard-age of 1,101.

He said he aggravated the injury again which scoring Washington's only touchdown in a 10-0 win over Tampa Bay. He finished the game with 45 yards in 19 carries.

"The treatment's doing no good." Thomas yelled. "I'm not going to see anybody - referring to team physician Stanford Lavine, who visits the park every Thursday."

Thomas has literally been plugged into a machine on the sidelines. The machine does not guarantee 100 yard games, but it sends electronic impulses through nerves with the hope it will ease the pain in his leg.

"I'm so tired of these gimmicks," Thomas said. "I don't want to talk about it.

"It's (the leg) not well, but they all say its well. I wish they'd let me tell them when I feel well. They worry about me doing this and doing that."

Allen previously has suggested publicly that Thomas would have to play with pain all year! One team official who refused to be quoted by name said a number of outside doctors had been consulted on Thomas's injury and were unable to determine what ailed hime.

The official also said that Thomas: was not blocking as well as he should and also hinted that Thomas was more corcerned about protecting the longevity of his career.

Thomas was infuriated when told of these remarks.

"That's not even in my thinking," he said. "I don't go out worrying about protecting myself. If that's the way they feel, I feel sorry they feel that way.

"I do my job, and that's it: I can't help it if I've been 60 or 70 per cent."

Flexibility coach Jim Curzi said that it normally takes a year for a player to eliminate soreness in his muscles once he starts Curzi's program.

"Something like that will linger on," Curo said. "Sometimes it's necessary to rest people."

But Thomas said that is not the problem.

"My other leg feels fine." Thomas said. "It's the hamstring."

Tyer said he was not sure whether Thomas would be hooked up to the transcutaneous electrical nerve simulator (Texs) this week, as he was against St. Lous and Atlanta.

Thc machine called a Neuromod, is about the size of a cigarette pack and contains electrodes that are placed over the affected area! It is connected by cable to three batteries.

Gene Mills, market development socialist for Medtronic, Inc., of Dallas, has been on the Redskin sideline the past two weeks operating the machine . He said he will be on the Redskin sideline again Sunday.

The device went into production about five years ago and tested on the Cowboys, since they are in the same city as them [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] line of electrical devices is cardiac pacemakers.

Mills said on the phone yesterday that a number of NFL teams - including the Cowboys. Eagles, Cardials, Vikings, Jets and Lions - are using the Nueromod, as well as baseball team including the New York Yankees.

"It does nothing for bealing whatsoever," said Mills. "It's one of the finest electronical devices as far as pain abatement. It's nondrug; that's why team doctors like it.

"It works on the gate theory of pain. You're blocking nerves that are carrying pain impulses to the brain."

Ironically, Mills had just visited the Dallas locker room yesterday and had eaten some cookies offered by quaterback Roger Staubach. Mills and Staubach began talking about the Neuromod and Staubach remarked:

"Why am I giving my cookies to a guy who works for the Redskins?"

Left cornerback Pat Fischer practiced for the first time this week. "He didn't practice very much. Allen said. "He is better, but we'll have to wait and see how Pat is." Fischer was held out of last week's game at Tampa Bay and is listed as questionable for the Cowboys. One source said he expected Fischer to play . . . Except for linebacker Chris Hanburger. Washington's other injured players worked out to some degree yesterday. Sources say the most questionable of them is left tackle Dave Butz, who sat out the ankle and didn't drill yesterday . . . Terry Hermeling, also listed as questionable with a bruised shoulder, is expected to play . . . Quarterback Billy Kilmer, who sat out Tuesday's practice with a sore back, "looked pretty good yesterday, according to Allen. "But he's not anywhere near 100 per cent . But he looked better and his back feels much better."