It sounded like a rehearsal for the post-game band show as the Michigan music makers played "The Victors" after each of the Wolverines' eight touchdowns today.

The issue was in doubt for nearly six minutes until the top-ranked Wolverines pounded 81 yards for their first score against Wisconsin, which came here leading the Big 10 Conference in total defense and left a 56-0 loser.

The rout, before a sellout crowd of 104,892, reemphasized once more that the Big 10 is a two-team conference dominated by Michigan and Ohio State.

The Badgers had been unbeaten in five games, three against marshmallow opponents in the conference. It marked the first time since 1940 that Michigan had met another unbeaten conference foe other than Ohio State this late in the season. The Wolverines, 6-0 overall and 3-0 in the conference, rolled up 546 yards to 126 for Wisconsin.

The Badgers lost more yards rushing, 42, than they netted, 41.

Rick Leach, Michigan's lefthanded quarterback ran for 32 yards in six attempts that included a two-yard touchdown, and passed for 127 yards, including touchdown throws of seven yards to tight end Doug Marsh and 22 to tight end Gene Johnson. Leach completed 10 of 16 on the day, his most completions as a collegian.

Even with regular tailback Harlan Huckleby sidelined by a hamstring pull, the Wolverines had two 100-yard plus runners-tailback Roosevelt Smith with 162 in 25 carries and fullback Russell Davis with 105 in 19 carries. Smith scored twice on two-yard plunges and Davis on a 37-yard run.

The longest run was by reserve quarterback Brian Dickey, who replaced Leach with 12:39 to go in the fourth quarter and Michigan leading 42-0.

He ran 74 yards to the Wisconsin 11-yard line to set up his own three-yard touchdown for the final six-pointer.

The Badgers held hands in a circle in the huddle before each play, as if in a seance or waiting for a message from a Ouija board on what to do.

It availed them nothing in the way of a threat until their last possession when they poached on Michigan territory for the first time, at the 40-yard line.

Third-string quarterback Mike Kalasmiki, a sophomore, outdid starter Charles Green and replacement Anthony Dudley by moving the Badgers the 45 yards to the penetration, but on second and 10 his pass to fullback Joe Rodriguez at the two-yard line was intercepted by defensive back Stuart Harris with 2:23 to go.

Coach John Jardine of Wisconsin was left almost incoherent by the defeat. "They embarrassed us," he said. "We got beat by a hell of a team. They tore us up on third down with the pass and the draw . . . they took the steam out of us."

Michigan coach Bo Schembechler said, "The fact that we won big will not have an adverse effect upon this team because we realize we are in serious shape with our injuries. We lost our seventh offensive lineman (offensive guard John Arbeznik, with a knee injury). You can lost just so many players before it starts to hurt . . . Rights now we have 15 players who are injured, and I mean first-and second-string people."